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by Sis. Minh Apil
HNS Bulletin, VOLVIII, ISSUE 11, May - June 2009

Inspired by the experience they had from the HNS Convention in Tagaytay City, the officers of the Holy Name Society Virac Unit have organized a Block Rosary Brigade which is carried out by visiting the residences of its members taking along the image of the Infant Jesus and gathering the members together to pray the Holy Rosary. The Image is then left at the house of the member until itís time for it to get transferred to another memberís house.

The Block Rosary is conducted every other Sunday. It started from the house of one of the HNS founders, retired Fiscal Brother Atty. Manuel A. Magistrado. From the house of Bro. Maning, the Block Rosary was transferred at the residence of another original member, Brother Jack Marino. The chain will go on until all members are visited by the group. Afterwhich, succeeding rounds will again be conducted.

The main intention of the Block Rosary is to pray for deliverance from evil in this material world. Aside from the Block Rosary, HNS Virac Unit has joined the Basic Faith Communities (BFCs) in the Diocese of Virac and will pursue catechetical mission among the children and youth.

It is the policy of the Diocese that all religious associations should undergo in a series of basic faith seminars before they can join the Basic Faith Communities. Only members of these BFC can conduct catechism and religious missions. Anent to this, members of the Holy Name Sociey have been required to attend this seminar. Those who have already completed the entire session will conduct the proposed catechism.

Along with the proposed catechetical mission would be a feeding program for the kids and occasional medical mission. When a crowd is gathered, catechism would be conducted as part of the opening program. Feeding or medical mission would then follow.

These activities will be carried out in close coordination with the Parish of the Immaculate Conception of Virac and its religious umbrella organization, the Centro Catolico.