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HNS Bulletin, VOLVIII, ISSUE 11, May - June 2009

In the recently concluded 36th National Convention the mission to be proclaimers of the Holy Name of Jesus put each Holy Namers at the very heart of the Church’s mission.

It is a desideratum that every Holy Namers be a true proclaimers of the Name of Jesus. And to be a true proclaimers our hearts should be purified. We need to leave our comfort zones and to practice self-denial and sacrifice.

Pure hearts recognize Jesus in the less fortunate, the materially poor and the spiritually poor, in believers and non-believers which we are to love and serve. Every Holy Namer should extend the spirit of caring and sharing with our brethren especially the less fortunate ones.

In the Convention we stated that Church and State sometimes are inseparable. In our highly politicized society, where some of our brothers are actively involved in politics, to proclaim Jesus is to evangelize. We must use our gifts (power) to help people as Jesus did. To be a good leader one must be a good servant. Leaders are called not only to lead but also to make sacrifices and to serve. We must be leaders worthy of emulation, especially by the youth

And lastly to be a Holy Namer is to be a friend of our Priests. As the involvement of lay in the Church is much more pronounced today, we must see to it that we are truly helping them and supporting them and that we are not a burden to them, especially to our parish priests and bishops.