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By: Sis. Pamela Leosala
HNS Bulletin, VOLVIII, ISSUE 4, November - December 2009

Fr. Jaime Boquiren, a well known priest of the Dominican Family not only to his friends but also to many Bishops. I remember he once told me that many bishops were once his students at University Santo Tomas Central Seminary. He became my Immediate Superior in 1996 when he became the Socius of the Dominican Province with Rev. Fr. Quirico T. Pedregoza Jr. O.P. as Father Provincial. He became the National Director /Promoter of the HNS first from 1959-1969 and then 1996-2006. He gave up his position as Nat. Director/Promoter of our Confraternity when he was operated - his voice box was removed, and thus could no longer communicate verbally. Many are saying that Fr. JBs greatest weapon was his voice but unfortunately and sad to say he lost it. But even though he lost his weapon, he never stopped working and moving. He still carried on his hobby of clippings... His pen continued to move and his brain continued as his personal computer.