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Pres. Manny Aguilar Visits Cagayan
by Bro. Lito Banan
HNS Bulletin, VOLVIII, ISSUE 3, July - October 2009

The hosting of the first Archdiocesan Union Installation of newly-elected officers and its reception of freshly recruited members of the Holy Name Society, scheduled on August 9, 2009, entailed lots of preparation and planning as no less than the National President of the Holy Name Society of the Philippines and other corporate officials were invited to grace the occasion.

Last August 8, 2009, a day before the actual event, (installation of the of the Archdiocesan Union Officers)HNS members led by Pres. Rudy Amistad met the National President Bro. Manny Aguilar and his charming wife at the bus terminal. First impression of him was his amiable and smiling approach, mild mannered and exuding a mien of good breeding, very robust for his stature and not at all affected from the long journey coming from Manila. Unfortunately, The dearth of dining shops within the vicinity abetted the of our desire to sit down for a cup of coffee to know more of him, but they were later fetched by a bro. Holy Namer bound to Dumpao a barangay of the Municipality of Iguig for their temporary stay.

At around 9:30 am, after a brief respite, Bro. many Aguilar was met at the entrance gate of the cathedral by Holy Namers and escorted to the Parish Center for a brief meeting with local counterparts who were eager to see the No. 1 National figure of the HNS of the Philippines. In his opening informal address, he was profusely thankful for the warm welcome and cordiality they received and narrated their ordeal in coming due to aftermath of the flashfloods and landslides stalling and paralyzing transportations along the route via Cagayan Valley Region. Yet he was elated for the efforts of the local group and giving due recognition to the leadership of Bro. Rudy Amistad and said everyone is as important as the other irrespective of the status, as the chosen vocation is pledged to the honor and glory of the most Holy Name.

After getting to know each other, the group motored to Brgy. Cataggaman, part of Tuguegarao City upon the invitation of Bro. Buddy Guzman, HNS Unit President of St. Dominic Parish, Cataggaman, now in the midst of their Pastoral Fiesta Festivity for lunch.

In Cataggaman, under a scorching sun, Bro. Buddy the host was very accommodating and later treated us lavishly in his home to a buffet to our stomach�s delight. Everybody was virtually satiated with Bro. Manny evidently a connoisseur of fine food, enjoying a taste of the Cagayano brand of hospitality. Later, after the last plate was ditched on the sink, with the usual �goodbyes� among Holy Namers, and with the noon temperature still blazing hot, we called it a day so we could get ready for the reception and installation activity on the next day.