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By : Bro. Rolly Del Rosario
HNS Bulletin, VOL IX, ISSUE 1, January - April 2010

The 54th annual Diocesan Convention of the Holy Name Society in the Diocese of Iba, was held at the San Lorenzo de Manila Parish on January 16, 2010. the theme of the celebration was “An Empowered HNS Uniting with the Clergy to Serve Christ”. The affair was hosted by the San Lorenzo de Manila Unit headed by Bro. Rolly Del Rosario and Bro. Thom Exciminiano, host Unit President and Consultor respectively. Diocesan Union President Joey Pareja served as the over-all adviser of the occasion.

The convention was attended by 15 HNS Units out of 23 parishes of the Diocese. About 200 delegates participated in this momentous event. As expected the host unit held the record of the biggest number of delegation. St. Joseph Parish unit came earliest to the convention venue as early as 6:00 A.M.

This year’s guest speaker was Rev. Fr. Rodel San Juan of St. Joseph Parish. Rev. Fr. Jaime A. Escurzon, HNS Diocesan Union Spiritual Director, officiated the concelebrated mass together with Rev. Fr. Roque Villanueva and Rev. Fr. Virgilio A. Monje. There were also some priests who came on the convention day. Among them were Rev. Fr. Donald O’Dea, Rev. Fr. Fintan Murtagh, and Rev. Fr. Kenneth Masong.

As early as 5:00 am the host HNS members were all busy doing their share of work assigned to them. At around 6:00 am delegates started to come in and were welcomed by the host unit officers. Registration started and while they were waiting for the start of the celebration, bread and coffee were served for the participants.

At 7:00 am unit presidents were given short briefings about the proceedings of the convention. Before the start of the parade, balloons and doves were released by each unit. Leading the parade were the San Lorenzo Youth Street Dancers and members of the mandated organizations and ministries followed by the host unit delegates. As the parade approached the church, the host parish mandated organizations, ministries, and HNS members, made a formation on both side of the streets to give a warm welcome to the participants. The youth dancers then escorted the HNS Units in front of the church, after a prayer was said balloons and doves were again released.

The program proper started inside the church at around 8:30 am The national anthem and invocation were done via power point presentation. A welcome address was given by Rev. Fr. Roque C. Villanueva followed by Bro. Roger Castillejo presentation of delegates from the different parishes. The Holy Name Pledge and the Holy Name Anthem were led by Bro. Regal Prin and Bro. Oping Labis respectively. At around 10:00 am outgoing Union President, Joey Pareja delivered his speech, followed by an applauded intermission number of HNS members.

Bro. Larry Dela Peña, incoming Union President, introduced the guest speaker, Rev. Fr. Rodel San Juan who made a lively and remarkable speech on the theme of the celebration. Then a short break were given. Pancit, cassava cake and juice were served.

At 12:00 noon, Mass was celebrated wherein the newly elected Union officers were inducted. Rev. Fr. Jaime Escurzon also gave an encouraging talk regarding the theme of the celebration. Before the Convention officially closed, gifts were given to all participants through a raffle.

OFFICERS 2010-2011
– Bro. Larry Dela Peña
Executive Vice-Presidet - Bro. Presscillo Sembrano
Secretary - Bro. Federico Prepose, Jr.
Asst. Secretary - Sis. Lorna dela Peña
Treasurer - Sis. Lilia Amor
Asst. Treasurer - Sis. Eleanor Alvarez
Auditor - Bro. Isidro Garcia
Vicarial Vice-President:
Bro. Ferdinand Salcedo (San Antonio)
Bro. Joey Pareja (San Sebastian)
Bro. Entiquis Huerto (San Jose)
Committee Chairmen:
Bro. Alfredo Fagela (Worship)
Bro. Graciano Escosia (Service)
Bro. Joseph Clark (Temporalities)
Bro. Jim Epang (Youth)
Consultors All “Living” Past Union Presidents