Holy Name Society - Apostolic Plan 2017 - 2021

News and Events
April 2018

I. Best Practices   Schedule   Responsible Entities/Persons
1. Nationwide Mass in Honor of the Holy Name of Jesus   January 3   President, Officers, Members in Parish/Units
2. Regular meeting   Every 3rd Saturday of the month   Executive Board, Board of Consultors, Regional Promoters
3. National Convention   Last weekend of April   All HNS members nationwide
4. Retreat and Election of Executive Board   Every two years,
3rd Saturday of January
  All National Promoter and Spiritual Director, Executive Board, Board of Consultors
5. Community services:
  • Feeding prgram
  • Cathechesis
  • Prison visits
  • Visit the elderly and orphans
  • Tree-planting
  • Operation-linis
  • Choir on Sunday Masses
  • Fund-raising for Parish projects
  • Holy Week services
  • Christmas Maki-bata
  • Walk-for-a-Cause
  • Funeral visits
  Throughout the year on specified weekends and occasions   Respective units/Parishes
6. Regional Conventions   October or November   Unions (Regional, Diocesan and Inter-Diocesan)
7. Nationwide Mass of Gratitude for Priests   August 3, Feast of St. John Vianney   All Units/Parishes, Officers and Members
8. Nationwide Feeding Program   August 8, Feast of St. Dominic   All Units/Parishes, Officers and Members
9. La Naval Procession   2nd Sunday of October   All Units in Metro Manila
II. Promotion    
1. Recruitment of new and former members   Year-round   All members of local units
2. Induction of new Officers   After local elections   Parish Priest, Promoter of HNS
3. Induction of new Members   Annually, date specified by the local Units   Parish Priest, Promoter of HNS within the Sunday Mass
4. Issuance of Charters to all Units   Per request   HNS Promoter, Father Provincial (for signature!)
5. Census of Membership   Annually   Nat'l Executive Board
6. Revision and Updating of the HNS Manual and Constitution   October 2017   Nat'l Executive Board
III. Expansion    
1. Palawan, Cebu, Davao, Catanduanes, Surigao   Follow-up, Pastoral visit   HNS Promoter and President
2. Iloilo, Samar, Leyte   New   HNS Promoter and President
3. Maguindanao   Follow-up, Pastoral visit   HNS Promoter and President
4. Tarlac, Cagayan, Ilocos   Follow-up, Pastoral visit   HNS Promoter and President
5. Dominican Schools   New   HNS Promoter and President
6. Vietnam   New   HNS Promoter and President
IV. Strategies    
1. Coordinate with Bishops and Parish Priests   2017 - '21   HNS Promoter / Secretariat
2. Coordinate with Priests   2017 - '21   HNS Promoter with Fr. Florentino Bolo, OP
3. Coordinate with Heads of Dominican Schools   2017 - '21   HNS Promoter / Secretariat
4. Recruit new members from the youth in schools and parishes   2017 - '21   HNS Promoter, Local Units
5. Social Media, Internet, Maintain Website   2017 - '21   HNS Promoter, Webmaster
6. Issued ID's, T-shirts, Stickers, Tarpaulins, Pins, Patches for Identification   2017 - '21   Secretariat, Respective Units
7. Revive HNS Publication   2017 - '21   HNS Promoter, Editorial Board