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Message of the Provincial Promoter

Cooperation is a most essential ingredient for the success of any venture. The work cannot be left to the hands of just one or few concerned… As members we have to contribute what we can give. And there is so much that we can give… our time, our ideas, our outright suggestions. In this context the project becomes a communal effort and its success is communal success. At times we are tempted just to let the people concerned do their thing. If it is indeed our project as a group then let us join hands and help those who are spearheading the project. Brotherly concern indeed does wonders and will overcome fears of being misinterpreted. We may not have neither silver nor gold but we do have many things to share—all of which come from the Lord. They were given to us not just for ourselves but for us to use to serve others. And in using them for others we enhance our own life in the process. Yes, Lord, you have gifted us with so many things with which we can respond to each others needs. Awareness of this communal interdependence would even lead us to treasure and play well the role we have in our organization, our community and even in our own family.